Traction Sand Supplier UK

Western Minerals has been providing specialist sands and minerals since 1998. 10/18 sand has always been used as a filtration sand in the water industry as well as Braking Sand in the railway industry. Having supplied the water industry with over 60,000 tonnes of filtration sand over the years it is logical that we should offer the railway sector the same service.

Being a quality assured ISO 9001 company we understand the importance of consistency in both the quality of products and service provided. All our Railway Sand is produced by major European companies and is packed specially for Western Minerals and our customers.

Western Minerals keeps a large stock of locomotive sand at our warehouse in Swansea ready for immediate dispatch. We can supply the traction sand in 5kg, 12.5kg and 25kg sacks which will be dispatched on pallets within 48hours of purchase. Typically our customers look for a means to minimise manual handling and wastage of product. This has lead to a redesign in the packaging of Traction Sand. Western Minerals are able to supply in the traditional 25 kg bags as well as the new design of the 12.5 kg bags with a handle. In addition, at the request of the railway industry, we also supply braking sand in 5kg " sausage" bags.

We can also supply bulk orders in 1.50 tonne tote bags and loose in 28 tonne tankers loads.

  • Traction Sand
  • Railway Sand
  • 10/18 Sand
  • Locomotive Sand
  • Braking Sand

5.0 kg bag

Bags per Pallet 200
Pallet Weight 1.00 tonne
Product code

12.5 kg bag

Bags per Pallet 88
Pallet Weight 1.10 tonne>
Product code BR Cat No. 004/029104

25.0 kg bag

Bags per Pallet 56
Pallet Weight 1.40 tonnes
Product code BR Cat No. 0004/028831